Saturday, March 14, 2015

TRUCKSTOP SXSW 2015 schedule!

As always, for my sanity and organization as much for yours. On top of shows with the HICKOIDS, PURPLE STICKPIN, NARCOTX and MONKEYSHINES i will also be sitting in with my friend Steve Phillips' band THE GRAWKS from ATHENS GA whenever possible.

FRIDAY 3/13 HIX & BOS get a head start at RILEYS in NEW BRAUNFELs!

SUNDAY 3/15 HIX up north in BEND

TUESDAY 3/17 MONKEYSHINES gets in a SXSW set on east sixth!

WEDNESDAY 3/18 PURPLE STICKPIN drops by WHOOPSY earlyish then the HIX close out a great night at the WHITE HORSE

THURSDAY 3/19 a day OFF? maybe i'll go try to catch the DAMNED or DANNY FIELDS docs somewhere, then catch this great SAUSTEX showcase..

FRIDAY 3/20 i'm working in the day, but you'd do wise to catch CHEETAH CHROME downtown, the ROKY ERICKSON ICE CREAM SOCIAL, or this blast of SAUSTEX fun at ABGB which i will be sad to miss. i will BE there with the HIX & THE GRAWKS later that night in SAN MARCOS at the TRIPLE CROWN

SATURDAY 3/21 ok here is the PSYCHO day. three HIX sets, three GRAWKS (i might miss one). downtown early, soco dinnertime, SAN ANTONIO at Rock time

HIX outdoors somewhere downtown at 2 for the ROCK FEST. no event yet.

GRAWKS at 4 east 6th

HIX at the '04 LOUNGE for WHOOPSY 430 with a bunch of other great bands, including the GRAWKS again later

Then haul ass to SAN ANTONIO to end the night at the MIX

SUNDAY 3/22 perhaps an afternoon get together at my place before i wrap up this SXSW with the NARCOTX at the HOLE IN THE WALL!

More events will pop up here as they become available. Here are some pertinent links

See ya SOMEWHERES, fuckers.

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