Saturday, August 25, 2012


During the initial years of the first wave of Beatlemania in America it became commonplace for the band to be derided as amoral, homosexual, or even worse, Communist by the more stuffed shirted of this country's 'right' commentators. All of this looks past the far more insidious truth which has slipped by the collective awareness somehow  unnoticed for several decades--that the Fab Four- JOHN, PAUL, GEORGE & RINGO, had sympathies far less concerned with Marxist demagoguery and far more obsessed with Master Race World Domination. With significant stretches of their early career spent in Hamburg and surrounding cities, it is hardly surprising that they fell sway to prevalent radical ideologies.

Skeptical? Well take a gander at the proof. First, sample this recording of one of their biggest hits, I WANT TO HOLD YOUR HAND, remade with a new vocal track retranslated  to better please the Hit Parader Youth:

But this wasn't the only of their hits remodeled to better please the Deutschlander fans- try this anthem on for size, which even managed to crack the charts on this side of the Atlantic, thanks no doubt to it's nearly profane phoneticisms to red white & blue ears. Sample as well the accompanying footage of the lads merrily romping around the beloved 'Vaterland.' "Ja,ja,ja," indeed:

And as if this all didn't make it plain enough, consider this telling footage of their reaction to a gigantic mob assembled to greet their 1964 tour to Australia (The unfamiliar fifth member is JIMMY NICOL, brought in to temporarily fill in for an ailing RINGO):

But lest one thinks that this leaves STARR off the hook, gaze upon the final footage of this clip, where he greets a crowd from his hotel widow once having rejoined the band after returning to good health:

Ladies and gentlemen, the evidence speaks for itself.

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